No soy de aqui ni soy de alla

‘I am not from here, nor from there’.

As mentioned in my ‘About’ page, my background and roots are diverse. Both sides of grandparents were migrants, seeking a better life for themselves in other countries.
My mother is English. Her parents Irish. My father was Greek whose father was Russian and mother a ‘Pontian’ Greek (or otherwise Pontic), an ethnically Greek group who traditionally lived in the region of Pontus, on the shores of the Black Sea.

I was born in London, England, and have lived in England, Greece and now Ireland.

In a case such as mine, the concept of ‘identity’, as a notion stemming from a sense of belonging to a country , race, a set of traditions or attributes associated with a region, take on a very different perspective.

This diversity is undoubtedly a source of ‘wealth’ but a wealth that does not come cheaply. Meaning that a sense of seeking for aspects of identity that are inherent in a sense of ‘belonging’ is not always an easy journey.

Colorful, intriguing, arousing in me at least, a sense of curiosity and a need to explore, to expand horizons, to have question marks laid to rest.

One day, someday.